A New Podcast – Create Your Life Story

2 06 2010

Inspired from Your Story a New Podcast is now Online.

Create Your Life Story

This is a re-post from the main site for Your Story

I’ve been very quiet these many months here on Your Story. I’ve been busy putting a few things in place, starting a new podcast and site. I have been a little bit head down getting everything done so to speak.

I mentioned that I recently spent some time with my uncle, Bill Kath where I recorded our conversations and published them on his own site to share his Life Story with our family and anyone who may come along from the greater community.

This inspired me to start a new podcast to help explain how the average person can now record, edit and publish an audio Life Story, then share that story with family and the world if they choose.

I have always said that Your Story is a personal passion and I would love, one day to travel a lot more and record stories from around the world. For three years now I have been learning and developing the skills needed to converse and produce audio while slowly going backwards financially. With Create Your Life Story I hope to create a podcast to allow me to develop an income that will give me the ability to continue to produce Your Story while helping others to gain some of the amazing benefits that I have seen from sharing personal Life Stories. Read the rest of this entry »


This Site Has Moved.

26 10 2008

Some time ago I needed to host Your Story outside of wordpress.com primarily to publish the podcast.

This is the main site.

Click the Image to go to the Main Site

To see all the wonderful people that I have meet and hear their stories please come over to YourStoryPodcast.com that’s where it’s all happening now.

I look foward to sharing Your Story with you.

Serial Monogamy,Open Relationships & Polyamory

6 02 2008

Relationships, we want them but how do we do them?

In a previous post about how relationships collapse I suggest that we move onto new relationships in a way that is serial monogamy. I suggest that it’s necessary to realise that all relationships end and it’s the disappointment of that, based on the expectations that they last for ever, that causes the suffering.

My suggestion is to come to terms with the fact that it ends, enjoy it while it lasts, grieve when it ends, heal and then move on.

Another aspect is that within the Western view of marriage we expect our partner to be all things in every way for us. It’s natural, especially as when we connect and in the serotonin haze that is created in the first flush of meeting someone, we think they are perfect, the one, our soulmate. Then they change don’t they?

Maybe we change the way we view them!

Either-way we find that they aren’t everything to us in all situations. So we become dissatisfied try to change them or compromise ourselves but we’re not satisfied.

Who said that the person you marry has to be your everything, especially in the intimate personal aspects of a relationship?

Oh sorry!

The system said that!

Well guess what the system is wrong. We all get things that are important to us from other people and places, physical, emotional, spiritual and sexual. We have friends that give us things that we don’t get from our partners and within a marriage it’s accepted that we can have these relationships to fulfill us and round us out as humans. Pragmatically we allow our partner to do things that we may not quite approve of because it’s seen as good for the relationship and based on power and survival needs of the family. As the dependence on the other changes through the constant change of the relationship then the barely tolerated behavior becomes a relationship threatening behavior and the slow slide to separation commences.

The conflict is not so much in the behavior itself but in the non acceptance of your partner needing to be this way as their form of human existence. To relate to someone you must accept them as they are. If you have an issue it is fine for you to communicate it to them, even to ask for them to change but it is 100% up to them to change and to do it happily with no compromise to themselves. If they can’t or won’t change you must accept it as it is, happily with no compromise to yourself. If this can’t be done there will be conflict. Either way it’s about acceptance either a new or the old dynamic. So now everyone is happy with each others behavior and all can live in bliss.

But what if I can’t resolve a behaviour by my partner?

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Your Story Ep 6 : Juan Mann, Free Hugs & Oprah is a Career

29 01 2008

Welcome To Episode Six of Your Story.

To listen to the podcast please go to Your Story

Today we talk with Juan Mann of Free Hugs fame. You have probably seen the video, if not here it is.

A runaway viral success that has lead onto things greater than anyone could have imagined

It all started for me when I saw on Twitter that Richard Giles had gone to visit Juan and I thought well there is a story in that! So I found his Welcome To My Home site and asked if I could drop in, seeing how I was in Sydney. Generously, he agreed.

Juan & Ian

We talk about the runaway success that the video has become for him and what it has lead on to, including appearing on Oprah and Andrew Dentons Enough Rope along with opportunities that you would never write into a business plan.
Surprisingly this has lead to him developing a career as a public speaker enabling him to continue to get his message out there and to motivate others to follow their passion. Read the rest of this entry »

Your Story Ep 5 : Rod, from Stolen Generation & Prison to Art & Music

26 01 2008

Welcome To Episode Five of Your Story.

To listen to the podcast please go to Your Story

Today is Australia/Invasion/Survival Day and coincidentally I have a poignant theme.

Rod is a local in my area and when I asked him to tell me his story he just went off on the subjects that impassion him. I had to ask him to stop until I got my recorder as I found that he really had something to say about Australian society and our ill treatment of the native Aboriginal Australians of whom he is one.

Happy Australia Day

Born in Western Australia and adopted by Dutch migrants he grew up in Holland only to return to Australia at 14 to prejudice from both the black and white communities and then to fall, like so many, into the cycle of addiction and prison.

He now has a career as a performer and artist, striving to make his world a better place.

This is His Story.

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Many thanks to Rod for allowing me to record his didgeridoo playing for use in this programme.

How Australian is Australia Day?

26 01 2008

Here we are in an era of mass communication where an idea can move in a moment around the globe. Where we can share information and give others a chance to see who we are.

But who are we…

If you believe mass media, I’m afraid you’ll end up confused as they have motives for their own benefits and frankly they don’t care for culture just the bottom line.

I’ve been ranting and raving for years about the slow erosion of what it is to be Australian. That is to say who we are, who I am, not better than anyone else just Australian like all of us, in all our variations.

I found this on You Tube. Thanks whoever made this.

So who are we…

A New Year and the Change Continues

6 01 2008

What are you going to achieve this year? Will there be a change or more of the same old, same old…

This time last year I thought “I hope something interesting happens this year” as I had most years and like most years I was dreading that like at the end of ’06 nothing would change. But what would I have to do to create that change.

Then the concept of doing this podcast was just starting to form out of the mist of my mind and I didn’t really know about it. I felt optimistic that something would happen but that’s how I feel every year.

Well it was a different year. the first different year in many years.

First I dreamt up the idea of this podcast then I had the reinforcement of everytime I moved I received another bit of motivation from things that seemed to pop out of the ether to remind me that this is a good idea for me much like when your looking for a new car you see them everywhere because that is where your focus is. Read the rest of this entry »